Thursday, November 6, 2008


There is some unknown force in the universe that will not allow me to take a shower without either the phone ringing or someone coming to my door. Today I got the routine over with early - I had just taken my clothes off when the phone rang.

It was a car dealership, the one I used to deal with before the salesman became a real dick last time I went to get a new car. I was advised that they have me in their data base, but cannot find my address. I was told to give it to them.

As if that required any thought on my part. "A better idea would be if you remove me from your data base entirely. Thank you."

My shower was pleasant, after that, since I was able to complete it without any interrupting phone calls or door bells.

It has been generally pleasant here. The weather has been in the 70s, with abundant sunshine and no wind. Just lovely, but not anything we ever see in November. It is a lovely thing. I can only imagine what will suddenly follow this reprieve. We will pay. We will pay big time.

Meanwhile, I continue to encourage Molly to walk with us around the block, down the street, and any place I can get her to go. She sometimes just completely STOPS and will not move. I swear she turns into a mule. I don't force the issue, since this is about confidence building as much as exercise. If I were totally blind, I sure wouldn't want to be led around by my neck. Walking around the block can take half an hour, but it happens, several times a day. If we are lucky, we run into someone else walking and Molly just goes all gushy over everyone. Even strangers. I am chopped liver at times like that :P

Otherwise, things are returning to normal. I am feeling pretty good and getting stronger again. It's always been my pattern to heal from anything very fast, but this time I seem to be a bit slower. Law of averages, I guess.

Remo, I am Molly's white cane. Think about it. Who is more pale than I am? Red hair on top? Molly has a good thing going. I am her seeing eye person, her cane, and I pick up her poop, too. It's easy to see who is in charge, isn't it?

I cook for often for the dogs than I do for myself, but I don't have an appetite still. They never lost theirs.

Looks like time to get these poopers on the street. I hope it's not a slow, slow walk - I have a lot of things backed up to get done. I hope I don't have something broken that would mean having my electrolytes messing up on me again. My guess is that I don't.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I envy your time outdoors today as it it lovely here too. I know we will pay as you say. It is never this nice in November. Rain moves in here tomorrow. Enjoy!
'On Ya'- ma

Monica said...

At the moment I'm rather envious of your nice walking weather. We are cold and wet here. However, I know with time I will be grateful NOT to have your weather.

Hope the walk was good.

oh and I had to chuckle about you being Molly's white cane, you just have the red on the reversed end. Have you thought of bright red shoes?


Paula said...

Awww I'm sure Molly likes having you for her cane since she needs one. Bless her heart.

Claudia's thoughts said...

I would like to come back as one of your pets.....


Honey said...

give Molly a pat for me


Janie said...

Sure glad that you told me what it was. lol We had nice weather for a week but will be in the 30's tonight. Ugh! Was the wind blowing here today!! Might be your age with the healing (Oh no!! lol) How do some of these dogs manage to have us wrapped around their little paw?? lol Hope all goes well. Janie

(Cassie) said...

same here the phone never rings until I am in a far away room or in the bath.
Hope your appetite comes back.
A good hot meal will make you feel better.

Missie said...

Every time I'm in the shower, I have the dogs barking, the phone ringing, or the door bell also!

Enjoy your weekend.

Anne said...

So very glad to read your post. You are a good MOM to your dogs. I understand this completely. Take care ya! Anne

Martha said...

Poor Molly and poor you! I'm glad to see you writing and commenting again! I've missed you! Hugs! :-)

Rose said...

I know know ! It is certain we will pay for this lovely fall!

DB said...

I enjoy reading about the adventures of Molly and you, her chamber maid.

DB - Vagabond Journeys

Myra said...

Thank you for finding me!! I'll be back!

Martha said...

Just swinging by on my weekend blogathon blog jog - it's weird harly ever hearing from you anymore :-( I hope things are going ok for you.