Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blood Red

My hair always changes. It was very, very long, then short, then sort of inbetween. Now it's about shoulder length, but last summer it was really short. (St likes short hair. Weird, for a man, yes?)

Last summer also found me with skin cancer on my scalp. It seems I have a creative cowlick right where my hair parts on top. The center of it must have been exposed to sun way too many times. I had the spot tested, then removed, then removed again because he didn't get it all. And this was from a plastic surgeon. I love the guy, so I tolerated a second removal. Then a cyst grew in the same spot and I had that removed. Four surgeries on top of my head. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Why am I mentioning this? Well, it seems that last summer I allowed the child to take a very bad picture of me when I came home after the first cancer removal. I allowed it because I had so much blood in my hair that I liked the color. I was on my way to dinner at Andiamo (is that a national chain or local? I am not sure, but it has really great food!) and I was afraid to subject a brand new surgery site to shampoo, so I went with all the blood in my hair. The color really was outstanding.

At another time I was fiddling with my new Android phone and decided to actually stick that picture of myself into Google Talk. I think that picture is now available of me any where in Google. Blogger is part of Google. Therefore, ya'all can see my blood red hair.

I need to change that picture. Sadly, I don't have a better one. Yet.

Good news: I just found out that I am going to get my favorite whine! I am going to Florida in a few weeks! Life is good after all. I haven't been any where since February and I am really, really stir crazy for travel. Martha, where are you?? I will be not that far from you!

Thank you to those who have let me know I was missed. It felt very good! I plan to catch up on everyone else as soon as I can! Did I hear that Remo retired finally? Oh, my. What else have I missed?


Jon said...

I'm wondering if I would look good with blood red hair???
Yup. Remo is running free & is available (can I get sued for revealing this?)

Rose said...

we are going to florida 12/18 through 12/31!! Remo is free and roaming facebook...and I have another grandson, getting a grand daughter in January!

sunflowerkat321 said...

You got the scoop on Remo. He still posts occasionally on blogger. Martha is blogging from time to time also. She lost her mom about a week ago so she may not be blog hopping for awhile. But her email is still the same so it's easy to find her.

Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

Suzy..somehow I lost your blog but now I have found it again. Don't worry too much about your head, 100 years ago they would not have been able to fix it at all. How are the dog?

My kid finished Nursing School and had to move to upstate PA to work.

Remo said...

My butt was itching. Did someone mention my name? LOL